AIA Vitality Pure Fitness membership discount

Macao Fitness

Macao Fitness is the sister company of Power Nutrition Macau Ltd. Situated at the heart of Macau, it provides state-of-the-art facilities and fitness equipment, offering a fun and effective workout environment for members with different fitness levels.

Macao Fitness offers a wide variety of services ranging from providing group classes and personal training in all areas of fitness development by certified professional trainers, solarium sun tanning pureEnergy tower, anti-aging pureCollagen tower, to giving advice on healthy dietary plans. So you can be healthy from inside out.

What You Need To Know

Members can enjoy the following exclusive rates and earn AIA Vitality Points at the same time:

  • 40% off monthly membership fee1,2 plus 50% off joining fee

  • 50% off personal training fees 2,3 for the first 10 lessons

1 Members can only receive the discount upon signing up a 12-month membership contract.
2 The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or offers. Please contact Macao Fitness directly for details.
3 Members can only receive the discount upon signing up 10 lessons.

Earn 100 points a day for gym visit

Up to max. 15,000 points per membership year


- Member can sign up for one membership contract with Macao Fitness at the exclusive rate.
- The offer is only applicable to signing up a new contract or renewal of an existing contract.
- Existing Macao Fitness members can earn points by linking their gym membership to AIA Vitality membership. Simply present your AIA Vitality membership card at Macao Fitness for the membership link-up and start earning points.
- You can earn 100 points per day for gym visit regardless of the number of visits you made.
- If your AIA Vitality membership ends, you will no longer earn AIA Vitality Points for your gym visit. However, your Macao Fitness membership will still be valid.
- The purchase return and refund policy of Macao Fitness applies.

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