AIA Vitality Pure Yoga membership discount

Pure Yoga

The Pure Group is Asia's leading lifestyle brand consisting of Pure Yoga, Pure Fitness, Pure Apparel, RED Bar + Restaurant and nood food.

Pure Yoga is dedicated to serving the yoga community in Asia and beyond. Their dedicated yoga studios offer over 1,200 classes each week in a diversity of yoga practices taught by nearly 200 certified teachers. Pure Yoga is committed to the ongoing development and education of our teachers, and holds regular workshops and in-house training.

What You Need To Know

AIA Vitality members can enjoy up to 15% discount^ off the recommended retail price on agreement for Pure Yoga in Hong Kong*.

Plus, you can get a 50% discount off the one-time joining fee for the designated agreement.

What’s more, you will enjoy one complimentary 7-day pass+ valid at all Pure locations when you register online to find out more about the Pure Yoga Agreement.

* Selected agreement types have options to include access to Pure Yoga branches in Shanghai, Singapore, and Taiwan. Please contact Pure directly to learn more about the different agreement types available.

^Not to be used in conjunction with other discount or coupon. Please check with the Pure Group directly.

+7-day pass is valid only for first-time Pure visitors who are Hong Kong residents. Please check with the Pure Group directly.

Earn 100 AIA Vitality Points a day when you work out at Pure Yoga

Up to a maximum of 15,000 points each year

  • You can sign up for 1 agreement only

    Each AIA Vitality member can sign up for a maximum of 1 Pure agreement with the AIA Vitality discount. This must be under the member’s name and cannot be used by another person.

  • The discount applies to new agreements only

    The AIA Vitality discount only applies to new Pure Yoga agreements. Existing Pure Yoga agreements will need to be continued until the existing agreement end-date. At renewal, you can apply for a new agreement at the AIA Vitality-discounted rate. You can still earn points by linking your existing Pure Yoga agreement to your AIA Vitality account by following the steps for “Existing Clients” below.

  • No discount on private yoga sessions

    The discount does not apply to private yoga sessions. Current private yoga rate and offer applies. Please check with Pure Yoga directly for details.

  • You can earn a maximum of 100 AIA Vitality Points for yoga classes each day

    AIA Vitality awards a maximum of 100 points daily for exercising at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong, regardless of the number of times you visit within a day. If more than 1 physical activity has been completed on the same day, the highest number of fitness points for the day will be awarded (to a maximum of 100 points).

  • Purchase return and refunds

    Purchase returns and refunds follow your agreement with Pure Fitness or Pure Yoga.

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