AIA Vitality Advanced Screenings and Vaccinations

Advanced Screenings

AIA Vitality Members enjoy up to 45% discount off Advanced Screenings and Designated Health Check Packages by Hong Kong Health Check (HKHC).

What You Need To Know

You can enjoy exclusive rates for the following Advanced Screenings and Designated Health Check Packages at HKHC.

You will have access to the following advanced screenings at a discounted price and earn AIA Vitality Points:


AIA Vitality Points

  1. 2D Mammogram
  2. Pap Smear
  3. Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test
  4. Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)

1,000 points

  1. Blood Glucose (HbA1c)


  1. General Health Check Package
  2. Women’s Comprehensive Health Check Package
  3. Men’s Comprehensive Health Check Package
  4. Other Packages

Up to 1, 500 points for a BMI, blood pressure*, fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol or waist circumference measurement done as part of a Health Check Package

* Members may only earn AIA Vitality Points for BMI, Blood Pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol measurements and additional points for results that are within the healthy range, once each membership year. BMI and blood pressure measurements can be taken by AIA Vitality Express Health Check, AIA Vitality Health Check, AIA Vitality Nutrition Consultation, AIA Vitality Fitness Assessment, other designated health check packages offered by HKHC, or by your general practitioner but only the first eligible measurement submitted will be awarded for AIA Vitality Points.

‡ Please click here for further details on all packages.

Designated Health Check Packages


Test Item

General Health Check

Women's Comprehensive Health Check

Men's Comprehensive Health Check

General Physical Examination


Height and Weight




Blood Pressure and Pulse




Body Mass Index (BMI)




Waist Circumference




Blood Picture Screening


Complete Blood Count (CBC)




- Haemoglobin & P.C.V.




- R.B.C. & Platelets




- M.C.V.




- M.C.H. & M.C.H.C.








- WBC(Differential Count)




Diabetic Screen

Fasting blood sugar




Renal Function Screening


Urine Routine












Coronary Risk Screening


Cholesterol, Total




Cholesterol, LDL




Cholesterol, HDL








Resting ECG




Liver Function Screening










Gamma GT




Bilirubin, Total & Direct




Alkaline Phosphatase




Protein, total




A/G Ratio




Pulmonary Study

Chest X-Ray (with Radiologist Report)




Gout Screening

Uric Acid




Thyroid Gland Function Screening

T4, Thyroxine




Cancer Marker

Prostatic Specific Antigen, Total (PSA Total)




Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)  




Cervix Disease Examination

Pap Smear - ThinPrep Pap Test – Monolayer




Ultrasound Screening


Ultrasound of Breasts (Both Sides)




Ultrasound of LGB




Gastrointestinal Study

Stool Routine (Ova and Parasite) 





Doctor Explain Report




Note: You can have any of the advanced screenings done at another healthcare provider and claim your AIA Vitality Points by submitting proof of your results.

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