AIA Vitality Health Review (VHR)

Your AIA Vitality Age

Find out your AIA Vitality Age by taking a few minutes to tell us about your health, lifestyle, behaviours and clinical measures such as height, weight, blood glucose (sugar) and blood pressure.

AIA Vitality Members

After you complete the AIA Vitality Health Review, we will give you:

  1. Your AIA Vitality Age, which is a reflection of your overall health
  2. Your health results report comparing your values and inputs to medical recommendations
  3. A set of personal Health Goals based on your health risks.

Not a member?

Even if you’re not a member, you can find out your AIA Vitality Age. It may be higher or lower than your actual age and it gives you a good idea of your health status and a few pointers on where you could improve.


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