Market Place by Jasons

Market Place by Jasons is a leading high-end supermarket in Hong Kong with an extensive range of quality fresh produce, gourmet groceries, international wine selections, household items, branded health and beauty products together with a pleasant shopping environment and friendly service.

AIA Vitality members can enjoy 20% discount off Healthy Food (Fresh fruit and vegetables) at all Market Place by Jasons in Hong Kong when they purchased the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables voucher(s) through the AIA Vitality website. Plus, earn AIA Vitality Points as you purchase the voucher(s).

What You Need To Know

You must complete your online AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment within this AIA Vitality membership year before you can purchase the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables voucher(s).

You get 20% discount off all Fresh Fruit and Vegetables vouchers purchased through AIA Vitality. The voucher can be used to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at any Market Place by Jasons in Hong Kong.

Earn up to 400 AIA Vitality Points each month

by purchase Fresh Fruit and Vegetables vouchers.

Where do I buy the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables voucher?

The voucher(s) can only be purchased on the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Gift Voucher ordering page, accessed through the AIA Vitality website. There is a minimum order of two vouchers (value of HK$50 each) for each transaction. Voucher purchases are capped at HK$1,000 per calendar month, i.e. you may buy a maximum of 20 vouchers each month. The voucher limit will not be carried forward to the next month as it is reset on the first day of each calendar month.

What can I buy with the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables voucher?

You may buy fresh fruit and vegetables items at any Market Place by Jasons locations in Hong Kong. The full value of the voucher will be redeemed at check-out and no change will be given.

Please note that voucher may only be used by the AIA Vitality member and are non-transferable.This voucher cannot be used if the value of the selected fresh fruits and vegetables is less than HKD50.

How many AIA Vitality Points do I earn?

AIA Vitality members will earn 20 AIA Vitality Points for every voucher (worth HK$50) purchased. AIA Vitality Points earned from fresh fruit and vegetables spending are capped at 400 points a month and an overall cap of 4,800 AIA Vitality Points in each membership year.

Please note:

  • The AIA Vitality Points earned will be shown in your AIA Vitality account within seven business days of a successful purchase.
  • AIA Vitality Points will not be awarded to a member who has an inactive AIA Vitality membership.
How do I get my voucher(s)?

Your vouchers will be delivered to you by post. Please verify your mailing address under “Get Started” section before you proceed to the voucher ordering page. This is to ensure that your voucher(s) will be sent to the correct address. You will receive a confirmation email once your payment has been processed.

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