AIA Vitality members watch movies for free in Hong Kong

UA Galaxy Cinemas

Get up to 24 movie vouchers a year for being active!

For every 750 points you earn in a calendar month for tracking your exercise, you can unlock one movie voucher and up to 2 vouchers a month.

(This offer is applicable to Macau members only)

What You Need To Know

Members can earn up to 2 movie vouchers a month as Active Reward and will receive the vouchers via email. The number of movie vouchers you earn will depend on the AIA Vitality Points that you can earn by tracking your exercise in a calendar month.

  • For every 750 points you earn in a calendar month for tracking your exercise, you can earn one movie voucher.
  • You can earn up to 2 movie vouchers per calendar month
  • If you reach 15,000 points, the maximum annual limit for fitness-related activities, before the end of membership year, you will receive 2 movie vouchers per month automatically for the rest of the membership year.
  • AIA Vitality Points can take up to 2 weeks to show on your AIA Vitality Points Statement after you upload your workout data from the partner device. Afterwards, the movie voucher emails will send to you within 10 days.
How do I redeem the movie vouchers?

You can redeem movie tickets at the UA Galaxy Cinemas ticketing counter by presenting your movie voucher email together with your AIA Vitality membership card.

  • You can redeem one 2D movie ticket with each movie voucher.
  • The 2D movie ticket is not valid for 3D movies.
  • You must redeem your movie voucher before the expiry date and all movie vouchers will be valid within 90 days after issued*.
  • *The date eligible for reward.
  • You must be a valid AIA Vitality members at the time of movie ticket redemption.
  • You will receive a "Mini Popcorn Voucher” and "Leisure Plus dining Voucher" with limited time offer when you redeem any movie ticket directly at UA Galaxy Cinemas ticketing counter.

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