AIA Vitality Mannings rewards Hong Kong


Mannings is a personal health and beauty retail chain offering a comprehensive range of pharmacies, healthcare, personal care, skin care and baby care products.

AIA Vitality members can get up to $500 worth of Mannings vouchers as you improve your AIA Vitality Status. The vouchers are valid in all Mannings stores in Hong Kong and Macau.

What You Need to Know

AIA Vitality members get rewarded with Mannings vouchers each time they achieve a higher AIA Vitality Status. The total value of the Mannings vouchers depends on the member’s AIA Vitality Status

Here’s how much you will receive as your status improves:

AIA Vitality Status

Total Mannings voucher value*







* Vouchers come in denominations of $50, valid in all Mannings stores in Hong Kong and Macau

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